Church of the Resurrection: A place of transformation

We are a new church that is part of the Anglican Church in North America.

Our Values

We are a church based on the values of

  • Finding our identity in Christ. There are many pressures on us today to place our identity in many things: our jobs, our roles in a household, or even negative things that have been said about us. In Christ we are a new creation. We should find our identity in Him and him alone.

  • Living with a new purpose in Christ. Christ has given us not just a new identity but a new purpose in life. We seek to know Him and to make Him known in Sioux Falls and to the ends of the earth.

  • Seeking renewal in our community. Christ’s kingdom has a set of values that favor the marginalized. As Christ’s new creation we are seeking out health and wholeness in Sioux Falls.

  • The intentional nurturing of children. Children are both a blessing, and a great responsibility. Nurturing their young faith requires intentionality and the support of a community.

  • Practicing hospitality. This is actually a radical thing in today’s culture. We prefer to isolate ourselves into small communities of like-minded individuals, but Christ calls us to the practice of hospitality which is something entirely different. It is a change of lifestyle which includes inviting people very unlike us into our lives and into our homes.

Our Mission

To know God and make him known in Sioux Falls and to the ends of the earth.