Church of the Resurrection: A place of transformation

We are a new church that is part of the Anglican Church in North America.

Our Values

We are a church based on the values of

  • Finding our identity in Christ. There are many pressures on us today to place our identity in many things: our jobs, our roles in a household, or even negative things that have been said about us. In Christ we are a new creation. We should find our identity in Him and him alone.

  • Living with a new purpose in Christ. Christ has given us not just a new identity but a new purpose in life. We seek to know Him and to make Him known in Sioux Falls and to the ends of the earth.

  • Seeking renewal in our community. Christ’s kingdom has a set of values that favor the marginalized. As Christ’s new creation we are seeking out health and wholeness in Sioux Falls.

  • The intentional nurturing of children. Children are both a blessing, and a great responsibility. Nurturing their young faith requires intentionality and the support of a community.

Our Mission

To know God and make him known in Sioux Falls and to the ends of the earth.