Our Story


The origins of Church of the Resurrection

We are a group of people whose lives have been changed dramatically by the work of Jesus Christ.  Out of this gratitude came a church that seeks to help others hear the good news of Jesus Christ's life, death, and resurrection for our salvation.

Our planter, Christopher Haberman, was a middle school teacher here in Sioux Falls when God's call to ordained ministry led him to leave the job he loved to attend seminary.  He graduated in 2016 and felt called to plant an Anglican church in Sioux Falls.

Fall 2016 - Christopher met with people around Sioux Falls articulating the vision for a new church in the heart of Sioux Falls.  This started with the oversight of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, but by the spring of 2017 a partnership with Church of the Cross in Hopkins, MN and the Diocese of the Upper Midwest was forged.

Ash Wednesday 2017 - This was our first service.  Twenty-two of us met in the basement of a home to worship and begin Lent together.

Easter 2017 - This was our first public service.  We had a sunrise service at the McKennan Park bandshell.

May 2017 - We started our preview season on Sundays at 5:00 PM at Life Church's current location at 501 N Elmwood Ave.  We worshiped at this location for three months.

August 2017 - We moved to Life Church's old location at 1117 W. 11th St.  We moved to a 10 AM service and continued monthly services for the rest of 2017.

January 2018 - We celebrated an exciting step as a church with our first baptism.

February - Our first three small groups launched.

April 2018 - We moved from one preview service a month to two a month

Fall 2018 - We launched weekly services in September of 2018.